Hey there! I’m Hoshi and here I’m listing out all of the information you need for commissions by me! :D All the prices, do’s/don’t’s, examples, contact information is listed below! Please give it all a thorough read before contacting me.Looking forward to working with ya!My preferred method of contact is Twitter DMs, and you can find me on Twitter at @hosheeep! Alternatively you can shoot me an email at [email protected] as well.References images and ideas help greatly! A poorly drawn reference is always better than a written description.


I reserve the right to turn down a commission request for any reason.
By commissioning me, consumer agrees to my TOS.
If commission is due by a certain date, please inform me at the time of request.
All commissions are done digitally in a ready to print format unless otherwise stated.
Absolutely none of my artwork is allowed for the minting or sale of NFTs.
If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to ask me! My Twitter DMs are open to everyone!You will be given the choice to pay via PayPal Invoices or Ko-Fi. A 5% fee will be included for PayPal Invoices.
Initial pricing will be given prior to any commitments!


You may contact me:
∙ To ask for a commission, quote of prices, confirm any details in the TOS, or anything else you have questions about regarding commissioning me.
∙ To discuss any details and information regarding your commission.
∙ To request any progress/WIPs of your commission.
∙ If you wish to cancel your commission.
I may contact you:
∙ To let you know that I’ve accepted or turned down your request.
∙ To clarify the details of your commission.
∙ To send you progress of your commission.
∙ If there is any delay in your commission.
∙ If I need to cancel for any reason.

The Process

-After you contact me about requesting a commission, I will respond to let you know if I accept or deny your request.
-Should I accept your request, I’ll clarify and iron out any details that aren’t clear to get a better image of what it is you’ve got in mind for your commission.
-Payment is due upfront once details are ironed out and agreed upon. You’ll receive an invoice via PayPal, or you can purchase via Ko-Fi.
-I’ll send you a sketch once it’s finished, and that is the time to ask for any changes or adjustments.
-When the commission is finished, I’ll send it to you at a ready-to-print, standard frame size and tell you which size it is, so you’re free to have it physically printed afterward! <3

Cancellations and Refunds

I reserve the right to cancel your commission for any reason.
You also have the right to cancel your commission for any reason.

∙ I will only issue a full refund if NO work has been started.
You are entitled to a partial refund if your work is not completed upon cancellation.
∙ As such, you are only being charged for what work has been completed. ie, if only the sketch or line art has been completed, you will only be charged for the sketch work.
I will NOT issue refunds for any completed commissions for ANY reason.

Usage Rights

-All commissions are for personal use only, unless discussed otherwise.
-Unless discussed otherwise, I retain all rights to my work, and have the right to upload it to my portfolio and other online galleries.
-You may reupload the artwork with credit to me.
-You can use your commission for social media profiling, such as icons and banners, and as a reference for the future.

Will doWon't do
HumansGore/body horror
Fantasy racesNSFW
Fan art, fan characters, OCsMecha
Animal features 


  • Sketch - $6

  • Flat Color - $15

  • Fully Rendered - $30


Emotes are $15 each, or 3 for $40. Also open to doing sub badges.500x500 px, 300 dpi. Will also include Twitch sizes (28x28, 56x56, 112x112).


  • Sketch - $15

  • Flat Color - $30

  • Fully Rendered - $50

Half body

  • Sketch - $30

  • Flat Color - $60

  • Fully Rendered - $70

full body

  • Sketch - $40

  • Flat Color - $75

  • Fully Rendered - $90


  • 1920x1080px, 72dpi

  • Starting at $35

extra charges

I will charge extra for the following:

Complicated ArmorComplicated WeaponsMinions/PetsDetailed Backgrounds
Bust, Flat Color$10$10$5$10
Bust, Full Render$20$20$10$20
Half-Body, Flat Color$10$10$5$10
Half-Body, Full Render$20$20$10$20
Full Body, Flat Color$25$25$5$20
Full Body, Full Render$40$40$10$25

As for animation, I can confidentially do simple 2-frame animations such as waving. Please contact me beforehand if you have animation in mind for any emotes or overlays so we can discuss the complexity and price can be determined then.